Developed by both PhD's and MD's.

Choose from one of diagnosticIQ's premier assessments.

We are a cloud based medical assessment dashboard and database that utilizes valid assessments to help your practitioners recognized and address a patients psychological needs before they come in for an office visit.

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Asking Better Questions.

Developed by doctors and medical professionals, diagnosticIQ's is a cloud-based system that integrates into your existing EHR, and operates on any smart device (tablet, phone, computer, etc.). By asking specific, concise questions and compiling the results, dxIQ's then generates a report physicians and insurers need for more effective treatments regimens, allowing you to easily chart the progress of your patient.


Comprehensive initial, and follow-up questionnaires capture the patient’s condition, treatment history and changes over time.

Providing PRO ( Patient Reported Outcomes ) Assessment responses in an easy-to-read printable report. Helping to keep the patient informed and engaged in treatment.

  • Assessments in gray available in 2019.
  • Should you have an assessment you prefer, contact dxIQ for consideration.
  • Assessments subject to change without notice.
  • LAQ-2
  • Opioid Risk Tool
  • PAS
  • PAS-SF
  • PCS-C
  • PDF-SF
  • PDR-C
  • RAND 36
  • Revised Oswestry
  • POQ-VA
  • PS/PC
  • functionalRx
  • Holistic Wellness

Choose from one of diagnosticIQ's premier pain assessments.

We look forward to showcase just how diagnosticIQ can assist you and your staff in better assessing your patients pain functions objectives and needs.

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